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Hello every-one! My name is Corruption- "Mr.Corruption"

Posted by smartindians Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hi Everyone,
 My name is Corruption - "Mr.Corruption".
 "Sometimes it takes a whole life time to know someone,Sometimes all it takes just a look"
My life and my presence are not really limited to one thing or aspect. I don't usually write on a blog, but your last week country-wide agitation fighting corruption made me to write here. I have little bit of confusion about self introduction. How to start ... I don't have any idea what to write about myself and how. Do not expect too much, and please keep your sense of humor. As you everyone know, at present the talk of the town, city, state & country is my name and your Anna Hazare's name , right! , so I thought it would be fun & worth to tell a little about myself .

Let me start with a nice joke about Indian which roaming in the internet.  
  • NASA was interviewing professionals to be sent to Mars. Only one person could go, and he will not return to Earth.
  • The first applicant, an American engineer, was asked how much he wanted to be paid for going. "A million dollars", he answered, "because I wish to donate it to M.I.T."
  • The next applicant, a Russian doctor, was asked the same question. He asked for two million dollars. "I wish to give a million to my family, he explained, "and leave the other million for the advancement of medical research."
  • The last applicant was an Indian Politician. When asked how much money he wanted, he whispered in the interviewer's ear, "Three million dollars."
  • "Why so much more than the others?" the interviewer asked.
  • The Indian Politician replied, $1 million is for you, I'll keep $1million, and we'll give the American engineer $1million and send him to Mars."
Wow!... How clever, polite, smart & generous you Indians are!.
Morale of this joke is, "Selfishness - gives birth to"corruption" for getting things done in a bye-passed way, in a smarter way, in a time-saving way, in an in-competed way, in an ill-legal way"
 Did you know my real power and business territory? Click Here to have a satellite view. I'm Mr. Universe, Mr.Dynamic, Mr.Complex.If you want to live longer and have piece-full life, I recommend it is better to give Bribe as you know things are beyond control due to loopholes created by law & administration.
In India, There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience.I know You all will not agree with me on all of these points follows and you're entitled to your opinion as I'm to mine.
Here are some of my important likes and achievements in India.
  • I like if ration wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene being siphoned off, 
  • I like  poor quality roads & bridges been constructed, 
  • I like panchayat funds being siphoned off, 
  • I like honest people are poor in India, 
  • I like to choke development in all sectors.
  • I like Indian black money stashed by politicians and businessmen in foreign banks, 
  • I like India tops the list for black money in the entire world. 
  • I like  2G spectrum scam
  • I like 80% of Indians earn less than Rs.100 per day, 
  • I like  this Magnificent! Hero of bribing industry!!!
  • I like Cash For Votes Scandal
  • I like Bellary mines scandal in Karnataka,
  • I like Adarsh Housing Society scam
  • I like 2010 Commonwealth Games scam
  • I like paying bribe get a job done in a public office, 
  • I like Officials steal state property; 
  • I like acquire, develop and sell land in illegal ways, 
  • I like roads washed away in monsoon season, 
  • I like supply and distribution of duplicate/fake medicines, 
  • I like environmental damage by industries, 
  • I like Hasan Ali Khan scandal,
  • I like Indian Premier League Cricket Scandals.  .
    Just as my likes are manifold, so are my dislikes...

      If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.~ Sun Tzu
      If you really want to eliminate 'corruption' in your country, first identify who are your enemies for the root-cause of corruption process.
      Do you know the first 50% enemy? + Do you know your next 50% enemy?

      It's YOU....50%
      • It's YOU-"You crush the caterpillars then complain there are no butterflies"
      • It's YOU- Would you hire an employee without first looking at their resume? Of course not. So why would you vote for a candidate without first knowing their backgrounds?  
      • It's YOU-How many of you  walked away from traffic police without handing over him some money?  
      • It's YOU-How many of you bought or sold your properties  without corrupting the sub registrar?. Your lack of awareness, Lack of proper documents, Declaring less value & no of floors of building, etc and it goes on......there are many reasons to find and  your Sub-registrars demand bribe. They don't see a human being in you until you pay bribe.
      • It's YOU-How many of you got your passport without corrupting the police? 
      • It's YOU-You people corrupted the village administrative officers, the revenue officers and the Tahsildars  to get your needed certificates on time. 
      • It's YOU- You parents corrupting educational institution right from LKG/UKG  to Master degree level. A  survey conducted by DNA tells about 99% of parents admitted to having paid donation.  
      I can list & quote "n" no. of examples here but I'll really go mad if I state them all!
       Corruption is not one sided. It is double sided always. It needs a buyer and a seller in this transaction system. Now your are the part of this system. If you people are ready to corrupt the officials, the officials also only be happy to receive it. 
      It's Your Hard-Earned Money, Right?.... Give Values & spend it wisely. If you all decide to stop these give and take habits, the corruption will Stop absolutely in all lowers because if the giving stops the taking will stop too!  (The Lokpal bill seems to cover only the very top authorities, ministers and gazetted officers & their equivalents in the undertakings, It is also true that Lokpal can not go down to the lowest levels of Sub-registrars, Village officers, EB linemen etc.)
      Do you know your another 50% enemy?
      It's your corrupt administrators/representatives ...50%
      You people no-way connected to these scams except some of you voted in general elections in favor of the ministers who involved in these scams. Your Government is  Sole responsible for this. 
      This 50% part get cleaned only if my last week's day-dream come true!
      In my last week's day-dream.......
      •  Team Anna Hazare's Lokpal bill was passed in your parliament and implemented successfully.
      •  Lokpal directly entertaining complaints from the public and initiating investigations.
      • All the important government offices were automated systematically.
      • All the government offices were equipped with automated time-office and that too connected, controlled and monitored by  concerned regional office.  Employees were provided with digital magnetic identity punch-card and their in-out time taken as attendance wage calculations.  
      • All the money transactions in  every office gone online.
      • High revenue yielding offices such as Tax offices, Sub-registrar offices, Regional Transport offices were fitted with video cameras and connected to internet through public domain, viewable to public from any-where.
      • The Corrupted were prosecuted & penalized by Lokpal & they were put behind the bars. Their ill-gotten wealth were recovered.
      Looks soooo unbelievable? Cool... Just a day-dream...  that's all
      Meaning....  knowingly , unknowingly  every individual in India today is a part of corrupt activity as a seller or a buyer and the governing system is so sick . The whole system badly needs a major overhaul jointly by  the government, judicial authorities, Team Anna, all political parties,  media & You. A revolution can only do it.  You all need to support the good and punish the bad.  
      As an Individual you all need a change in all walks of life... to be bold to raise complaint against corrupt practices.(your Lokpal & Lokayukta needs complaints) You now got a great opportunity through Anna Hazare after 43 long years that never back again to have your corruption-free Mother India

      Will Anna Hazare succeed in his fighting against corruption?. Will India be free from corruption after passing lokpal bill?.

      Everything in the hands of people of India, i.e  you, mainly in the hands of youths. Finally, the Time has come. Its the time to act. If you get your hard hats on & get to work,Your awareness, decision & action will bring a slow and gradual change to make a corruption free India.

       If I chanced to sit in your chair as an Indian, I decide to....
      • Join hands with Team Anna.
      • Support whole-heartily Anna Hazare.    
      • try to behave as Anna Hazare.
      • try to live as Anna Hazare.
      Now image, if every-one became Anna Hazare, does the corruption exists?. Now... Can you see how one person's decision can turn India a Corruption-free country?.
      It just takes a decision & an action. Take the first step and you will be on your way towards a Corruption-free India.
      You have a lot of patience & sense of humor that you read till this line. Hope I didn't bore or hurt you..

      Good bye Every-one! My name is Corruption - "Mr.Corruption"

      I desire to go to Hell and not to Heaven. In the former I shall enjoy the company of popes, kings and princes, while in the latter are only beggars, monksand apostles. ~NiccoloMachiavelli 
      Note: All the politicians, authorities, gazetted officers, police officers are not corrupted. Indian-Desk greets all those who are really Honest in their service.

        4 Responses to Hello every-one! My name is Corruption- "Mr.Corruption"

        1. Hi Elango,Wrote it nicely.U voiced ur concern for the Nation.I will join with U for supporting Corruption free India.

        2. Venu Says:
        3. Nice writeup. Good one.

        4. Saru Singhal Says:
        5. I'm way to impressed on your post. The effort and sincerity is really appreciable. It's such a great post and perfectly worded.I like your 'dislike' part. Honest and great post!!!

        6. smartindians Says:
        7. Reply to...
          @ Mykitchenflavors-bonappetit
          @ Venu
          @ Saru Singhal

          First-of-all... My loads of thanks to you all. YOU "THREE" made Indian-Desk's wheels start Rolling. Yes! your comments were the first three since it launched on 15th Aug 2011 (Independence day). How lucky Indian-Desk to receive hatric positive feedbacks in its first moment. I only hope I can be half as good as you appreciated. It's people like you who make me to burn extra candles while writing articles!
          Once again my hearty thanks to all you three. regards

          Authors view:
          In this fight against corruption issue, my minds eye and heart tells & visualize me that "Anna Hazare is a God created white-walled Light-house standing upon the crest of the highest people hill to guide & land the 43 year old captain-less Lokpal Ship safely".

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