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You too can - Become an Author of this blogs !

Posted by smartindians Saturday, 20 August 2011

Indian-Desk is a club of so many own-blogs. Here you can get good stuffs from home-page and you can listen fm radio, watch online Tv and online news etc. 

How to become Indian-Desk author?

Indian-Desk knowledge portal is passionate to deliver  quality informative materials which helps world-wide Indians in one or more good & positive ways.

Who can become Indian-Desk author?

Every Knowledgeable person. You! if you are.

However, you need to have an interest in involving yourself in Core-Group activities. If this sounds like you, please do the following:
* Email us with a short description of yourself & your interests.
* Provide us with suggestions for topics you would like to write about.
We want you to be interested/experienced in the topics you wish to write about. An article doesn’t have to be long, but the important thing is that you have something to share, which is going to help our readers.

Our Interest

Our main interest is... the article you submit should be best to help  readers & subscribers. Therefore everything, that somehow relates to this is of an interest to us.

Every article we publish has to meet our quality guidelines. This is why we can not publish all articles.

If you think that this is you, please make sure you Contact Us, as we need you and your help to make our blog interesting & activities productive. We are always glad to explore new possibilities and meet new people, passionate about the same things as us.

Please note, that every article you decide to post with us has to be unique, subject oriented and not published before.

Email us to :

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